Why traders need an accountability partner

What is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is your full-time supporter who will stand by your side through your trading journey.

Learn to trade from someone with a 35 year career:

12 years on the LIFFE trading floor (from 1987).

15 years market making interest rate & index options.

3 years options market making when trading went digital.

5 years derivatives broking (investment bank clients).

15 years practising technical analysis of financial markets.

12 years providing technical analysis signals to investment banks and retail traders.

10 years trading Forex, gold & index futures (personal account). 

20 years of teaching traders.


Jason Sen will be your mentor to help to keep your mind stable through the ups and downs of daily trading life.

He will work with you week after week to ENSURE you achieve your goals.
When you have someone other than yourself to answer to, you are more conscious about working hard & making the best decisions to learn & grow your trading account.


Did you have a teacher for every subject at school or did you learn alone from reading books?
Have you had a personal gym trainer, yoga or Pilates instructor?
Did you have a driving instructor to help you pass your test?
Have you had cookery lessons or a language teacher?

You cannot fully learn any new skill on your own by reading books or watching videos.
Yes, this is a great way to start, to build a very basic knowledge & to discover if trading is an activity which excites & interests you.
But if you want to be the best trader you can be, you need a teacher or a mentor, just as every person needs who wants to improve what ever it is they are learning.

If you start trading without a proper education from someone with extensive experience, you are guaranteed to lose everything eventually.
Unfortunately I have meet so many people who have done so & only found me to help them when they reached a state of desperation.



Jason will:

      1. Begin by focusing on your trading needs
      2. Breakdown your trading performance
      3. Assess your trading strategy.
      4. Suggest improvements.
      5. Monitor your trading journal. 
      6. Stop you from making big losses.
      7. Improve low risk trade identification.
      8. Discuss different entry techniques. 
      9. Improve your trade management. 
      10. Suggest strategies to help you run trades for longer. 
      11. Help you manage/trail stop loss effectively.
      12. Teach correct risk & account management.

This will lead to you: 

      1. Maximise profit.
      2. Minimise losses.
      3. Gain in confidence.
      4. Become a consistently profitable trader. .
      5. Slowly build your account. 

He will ensure you:

      1. No longer find trading stressful.
      2. Set realistic goals.
      3. Write a plan with realistic targets. 
      4. Maintain discipline every week. 
      5. Ingrain good habits until they are an automatic process.
      6. Remove the emotional element from trading.
      7. Maximise your trading performance. 

Are you ready to become the best trader you can be?

£500 per month may seem like a lot of money to invest in a personal trading mentor, but go and talk to traders who have been trying to succeed for 6 months and find out how much they have lost.
They will tell you that £500 is a small sum to invest in getting the best training & will save you thousands more.

With the daily mentoring you will also receive daily technical analysis & trade ideas through my private telegram group throughout each day. 

Plus 3 zoom meetings each week to answer your questions & discuss progress. Apply now!!

Join my rewards scheme & never pay for a subscription! Win eBooks, a 1 year subscription to live analysis & signals
and even my 
Technical analysis & Day Trading course!


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