There are 3 important elements to master to become a successful day trader.

  1. Technical analysis – you must learn to identify trends & low risk trading opportunities as the first step in developing a robust trading strategy. 
  2. You must learn to incorporate strict trade management, risk management & account management techniques in order to limit losses & maximise gains. This is the only way to build the discipline & patience required for longer term success.
  3. The best analysts in the world can fail as traders if they do not master themselves & their emotions.
    The best traders in the world have spent a long time mastering their trading psychology to eliminate the emotional roller coaster that leads inexperienced traders to sabotage their account which leads to severe setbacks.

 I’ll share with you the 14 things I wish I had known before I started to trade. 

Only once you have mastered these important concepts can you start to build a robust trading strategy in order to become a consistently profitable trader. 

I’ll share with you the 9 trade signals that you need to build your trading strategy. 

When you incorporate strict trade management, risk management & account management techniques combined with discipline & patience you can trade without emotion. 

I will share with you my 18 reasons why you must use a stop loss order every time you trade.

Only then can you start to trade consistently, strictly adhering to the rules of your strategy in order to build up a reliable data set of trades. Then your confidence will grow steadily, along with your profits.

I’ll share with you my 21 rules for surviving in the financial markets. 

For example, after 100 trades you will be able to analyse all the elements of your strategy to fine tune & improve results. You may need to adjust your stop loss, or learn how to hold on the trades a little longer. You may need to adjust the size of your trades to ensure you lose less.

Through this process your confidence will grow significantly & most importantly you will begin to have confidence in your strategy & ability to stick to the strategy without losing discipline. Now you are ready to build your account in the longer term.

I’ll share with you my golden rules of trading that I developed over 35 years in the market.

It sounds like a long process doesn’t it? Well it is a long process.

Most traders think they can guess the direction of the market day in and day out. They spontaneously jump into a trade & hope they are right. They will take the loss only when they cannot take any more pain or take the profit by guessing when it is the right time because they do not even have a basic exit strategy to limit losses & maximise profits.

I will share with you my key differences between trading and gambling so you can see it for yourself. 

This amateur approach always leaves the trader confused & dissatisfied because he is unable to gain any satisfaction from his trades, even when he does well & makes money. He knows that he is relying on luck & has no idea if he has a good chance of making a profit on the next trade, let alone the trades he will execute over the next few weeks.

This type of gambler never builds any confidence and has no idea how to trade with discipline & patience. Eventually he will give up, probably when he loses everything in his account. He will have wasted months, possibly years guessing & gambling when he could have been gaining valuable experience in the financial markets.

If you understand these points then you are in the right frame of mind to build a trading career.

If you want to keep on gambling that is fine, but do not pretend to yourself that you are a knowledgeable trader and not a gambler.

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Jason knows trading inside and out. I am half way through the course but the videos he made 2 years ago have materialized to the tee, something that separates the experts from the wanna be experts. Already by applying what I have learnt so far, 80% of my trades are a success and my discipline level has increased dramatically, I know learnt the difference between trading and gambling. Mohamed A.

Jason’s course simplified a very complex skill. What he shows you here is his approach and it works more than it doesn’t. Coupled with some steadfast rules, you can reduce your loses and maximise your gains. You will need to watch this set of videos more than once! Take plenty of notes and refer to them. This is a realistic approach to trading the market. Olly L.

Jason’s trading course was extremely helpful and informative, easy to follow and more importantly, I could benefit from his years of experience. All the information that Jason provides, is what he has found that works to give you an edge in the market. I have always had fantastic response time from Jason and when ever I have needed some input or advice, he has made himself available to help. Jason has contributed a lot to improving my trading and understanding of the markets, he is a pleasure to deal with. Warren V.