Five secret tricks to maximise trading profits

    1. Wait for prices to hit good support in a bull trend or resistance levels in a bear trend before entering your trade.
      Do not chase the market.

    2. Set a stop loss & trail the stop in the direction of your profits to guarantee increased profits.

    3. Never risk more than you intend to make on a trade.
      Ideally look to risk $1 intending to make at least $1.5 or $2.

    4. Be patient and wait for ‘high conviction’ trades.
      Do not execute a trade because the market is moving around & you think you are missing out.
      The market constantly presents opportunities.
      You only need to take advantage of a small number of them.

    5. Plan your entry and exit before you enter the trade.

      All the work & planning needs to be completed before the entry to avoid being emotional.

You have heard it before: ‘Plan the trade, trade the plan.’

Learn to trade from someone with a 35 year career:

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15 years practising technical analysis of financial markets.

12 years providing technical analysis signals to investment banks and retail traders.

10 years trading Forex, gold & index futures (personal account). 

20 years of teaching traders.

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