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Today’s technical analysis & trade ideas 

 21 July 2022

EURUSD minor resistance at 1.0200/10 then strong resistance at 1.0260/70. We also have strong resistance at 1.0310/20 & remember we are in a longer term bear trend.
So sooner rather than later, the pair are expected to turn lower (exactly as we did yesterday).

First support at 1.0150/40. Longs need stops below 1.0130. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 1.0100, probably as far as 1.0070. 


Emini S&P beat resistance at 3910/20 for a buy signal targeting 3960/70 (hit yesterday), perhaps as far as 3990/4000. A high for the day is likely at this stage, although shorts maybe risky.
A break above 4020 is the next buy signal targeting a sell opportunity at 4080/90.

I have been waiting for this move since I predicted the low a month ago. The downside should be limited now with support again at 3920/10 of course. Longs need stops below 3890. 

USDJPY longs at strong support at 137.60/40 reach 138.35 & almost 138.60 as the next targets. This offers a 100 pip profit & we DID struggle to beat this level as predicted.
However shorts are too risky. Above 138.70 look for 139.00.

Minor support at 137.85/75 held perfectly yesterday but there is better support at 137.60/40 of course. Longs need stops below 137.25. 


AUDUSD now meets strong resistance at 6905/15.  Shorts need stops above 6935. A break higher however targets 6970/80, perhaps as far as 6995/99. 

Shorts at strong resistance at 6905/15 target 6840/30 for profit taking. However if we continue lower (we are in a bear trend of course) look for 6780/70. 


NZDUSD held 17 pips from strong resistance at 6290/6300. Shorts need stops above 6325. 

First support at 6195/85. Longs need stops below 6165. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 6140 & 6100. 



AUDJPY higher as expected & can target 9585/95 today. Further gains can retest the June high at 9675/85. 

Good support at 9490/80. Longs need stops below 9460. 

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