Daily Technical Analysis and Signals:
Gain an edge in the market with Jason's comprehensive daily technical analysis & signals. With meticulous research & analysis, his signals identify low-risk trading opportunities to maximize profits.
Benefit from a Seasoned Trader:
With 35 years of trading experience, Jason Sen has thrived through volatile markets, gaining invaluable insights and honing his strategies. Trust in his knowledge and expertise to guide you.
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Jason has a demonstrated history of guiding traders towards success, with numerous customers achieving their goals under his mentorship. Trust in his expertise & proven track record to accelerate your trading journey.

Day Trade Ideas | Reliable Daily Technical Analysis and Trade Ideas

Our low risk trade ideas & our 'Set-And-Forget' strategy minimises risk & gives you more free time! Forex: All major pairs are covered, with up to 25 signals per day. Index futures: Emini S&P, Emini Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Commodities: Gold, Silver & WTI Crude.

Day Trade Ideas | Reliable Daily Technical Analysis and Trade Ideas

Site Jabber Reviews

I have been following Jason for 2 months and i was able to use his tips and they were to the point. So i decided to subscribe to his services and actually then i found out what an amazing trader he is. I have used many other signal providers; it is not only you pay them monthly fee but also you lose 5-6 times of what you paid them. There is a big difference between them and Jason. Because Jason is not a signal provider. He teaches you and shows you what he did and why he did it with the charts and explanations. His experience in the market is a big plus because he can sense where the markets are going as history repeats itself. He has got not only amazing technical skills but also he is very aware of the news and fundamentals about the markets and currencies. I strongly recommend to use his services, you'll be very satisfied not only with the results but also his personality. January 30th, 2021https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/daytradeideas.co.uk#148
Jeff B.
After using a few of the different individual packages, I upgraded to the premium forex package 10 days ago. How happy am I ? Let's just say-the profits I've made so far will pay for more than the next 6 months of the service.
William k.
A great service for a beginning trader or established trader. Well put together reports which really puts support/resistance levels into perspective. Since using Jason's service my own trading has instantly improved.
Mitch W.
Jason's results have been the most consistent I have come across in the marketplace. Great analysis breakdown and the levels are spot on way more often than not. With proper risk management it's an easy money maker.
George M.
Since using Jason's service my own trading has instantly improved. I feel after using the service for a week I have learnt more than in the whole 3 months of my trading journey. This could also be down to the excellent online day trading course he provides. His advice is honest and realistic, with so many scam services out there he is one of the most genuine people I have come across. He wants to help you rather than just take your money.
Chris W.
If you are serious about learning how to trade the forex market, Jason sen is the man to follow. Thanks to his reports and trading signals, I have been generating more consistent wins more than ever before. I highly recommend this service to anyone interested in forex.
Michael O.
Since working with Day Trade Ideas I've seen a significant personal improvement. The learning material is made pretty simple and easy to digest.The daily reports are consistently accurate. Jason is always friendly and prompt with any replies.This isn't a service for the lazy. Combined with my own effort and use of reports, I have found Day Trade Ideas extremely effective. With the use of the reports I can manage the day ahead much easier and with fewer surprises.
Saqib K.
I have known Jason since he started his signal service and when I was starting out. He has provided clear, accurate and executable reports consistently with hardly a day ever missed. He helped me develop as a trader professionally and since this time has also become a close friend.Jason will always take the time to explain his reports personally and mentor when required with no extra charge. Whether you remain a subscriber or not he is always available to talk to.
Sunny M.
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Our signals eliminate the need for extensive market research and analysis. Focus your time and energy on executing trades rather than sifting through endless data.

Unleash the Power of Jason Sen’s Expertise. Join our vibrant community of traders & experience the benefits of Jason’s mentorship & analysis. Subscribe today to gain access to a wealth of resources, expert insights & ongoing support. Trade ideas are updated every morning from 4am GMT

Join our community of dedicated traders & unlock the potential to build a consistent income through sustained day trading success.

Day Trade Ideas | Reliable Daily Technical Analysis and Trade Ideas

We identify low-risk trading opportunities

Jason Sen uses over three decades of financial markets experience to identify low-risk Forex, Index & commodity strategies each day.

Day Trade Ideas | Reliable Daily Technical Analysis and Trade Ideas

Don't miss this opportunity to build a consistent income & achieve long-term success as a day trader.

Over 35 years of successful trading experience and over 15 years of empowering traders

Day Trade Ideas | Reliable Daily Technical Analysis and Trade Ideas

Reliable. We deliver on time every morning.

Successful traders need to be aware of the strong support & resistance levels when they start their trading day. Questions? WhatsApp +66 971 910 019

Technical Analysis & Day Trade Training Course.

Learn simple technical analysis techniques, which have proved to be successful for 20 years & everything you need to know about trade execution, trade management and account management to build wealth slowly.