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Emini S&P 500 Futures
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Emini S&P 500 technical analysis trade tips and signals. Our report outlines clear and precise trade entry levels with profit targets and stop loss levels across a broad range of prices for the intraday. To gain an edge in the markets, successful professional traders need a daily trading plan and must be aware of important support and resistance levels. We ensure you are fully prepared to maximise profitable trading opportunities throughout each day, minimising your risk, maximising your profits and taking away the element of gambling.

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Emini S&P 500 Futures - September contract
Emini S&P bottomed exactly at the 2418/16 target & shot higher to 2439.

We are obviously in a 2 week sideways trend from 2420/15 up to the all time high at 2440/46.
Today's Analysis
19 June 2017 Updated at 22:36pm GMT
Emini S&P bounced well from 2418 back to 2431/29 & over ran as far as 2439. Looks like we are in a sideways trend now for a while to ease overbought is normal. Back below 2435 targets first support at 2430/29 & minor support at 2424 before the May high & good short term Fibonacci support at 2418/16 (which has held perfectly so far of course). Next downside target & Fibonacci support at 2408/06. A break below 2400 targets 2395 & perhaps as far as a buying opportunity at 2385/83.

Above 2436/39 sees prices head towards the double top at the new all time high at 2444/2445.75. If we do break higher unexpectedly, look for very strong resistance at 2457/59.
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