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Canadian TSX 60
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Canadian TSX 60 Technical Analysis

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Daily technical analysis based trade tips and ideas for Canadian TSX 60. Our report outlines clear and precise trade entry levels with profit targets and stop loss levels across a broad range of prices for the intraday. To gain an edge in the markets, successful professional traders need a daily trading plan and must be aware of important support and resistance levels. We ensure you are fully prepared to maximise profitable trading opportunities throughout each day, minimising your risk, maximising your profits and taking away the element of gambling.

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Canadian TSX 60 - December contract
TSX 60 gapped below Fibonacci support at 942/941 triggering losses to the next downside targets of 938 & 935/934....we bottomed exactly here.
Today's Analysis
10 October 2018 Updated at 01:13am GMT
TSX 60 bounced back to what if Fibonacci resistance at 942 & 200 day moving average resistance at 945. Holding this 3 point range re-targets 940, 938, 935/934 & could eventually reach 930/929.

Bulls are only back in control above 846, initially targeting 950 & 953.
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