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Dax Daily Market Forecast
Dax Technical Analysis
15th June 2015
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Being part of the Day Trade Ideas Club, 6 Months On
By Simon C
I felt it was important after about 6 months to follow up from my first article ‘Being part of the Day Trade Ideas Club’ on how Jason Sen and Day Trade Ideas, has help my trading and turned me into a consistent profitable trader. As I mentioned I had a few years in boom and bust, with all the mental anguish that entails. But I feel I have turned a corner with 6 months of steady gains. Now it’s still early days and I am always learning and adapting, but the skills and reports Jason provides has developed my trading to a professional level. I do not think that many services can help you have 6 months of consecutive gains, this shows the power of the reports. In my last article I explained the virtues of the service, reports and Jason’s help and advice, so please take a look. http://www.daytradeideas.co.uk/Being-Part-of-The-DayTrade-Ideas-Club-028/ Now I want to show my long term results, as trading can be secretive but I am open and clear with losses and gains. The first question many people ask is about money, but this service is so much more with no short cuts they build knowledge, experience, understanding, and patience to make the markets work for you. So I had a 2.5k account (which I saved through work) I am trading full time and I have now made in clear profit £15,733 as from the 15th May 2015. I wanted to show that there are not many services out there that can provide this level of returns and give principles for trading that last the test of time and adapt to the changing markets. Jason’s methodology and view of the market, is second to none, there is no easy money in trading but Jason’s reports can be intertwined with your own analysis and provide that step forward you will need to make money each month and not fluctuate in your trading method or account. Jason is running a mentoring course at the end of the month, I could not recommend this course more highly. It will be nothing like you have experienced, it is not a get rich quick scheme nor a system that apparently works every time. It is a professional trader giving insight into how banks, brokers and traders, (and they all make money) use Technical Analysis to make educated judgements on an individual basis with experience to back this up, wrapped up in great risk management, and outstanding methodology. You can grab more info and your spot at www.daytradeideas.co.uk/mentoring-programme/ So take a chance and work out what type of trader you are and build on this with discipline, principles, routine and patience to make you the best trader possible. And ultimately make you consistent money to achieve your life’s goals. If you want to contact me to make sure I am real and if you have any further questions please contact Day Trade Ideas and they will put you in contact with me Happy Trading Simon C
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