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An interview with Jason Sen filmed for Tradimo, detailing Jason's history and experience with trading financial markets and technical analysis.
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Following Day Trade Ideas daily reports for me personally has been simple. I can confidently say that 9 out of 10 times that I've followed his report (that 90% folks!), I've made money in this market. While practicing safe trading techniques, I am giving an example below of trades that I executed recently in the WTI Crude market using the report. Advice for Novice Traders Mastering your levels is an important part of trading and using Day Trade Ideas support and resistance levels with other indicators is wise. I use Globex to reinforce my trading levels. The reports are very clear and offer cautions about stop loss levels for specific trades and a wide range of support and resistance levels to cover market moves for the intraday. A great feature of the reports are the trend indicators for the week, day and short term, trading the trend is important and can be very profitable. Following Day Trade Ideas Rules and Report is Simple I live in the East Coast of the US, while it isn't customary for me to trade outside the pit-hours, I elected to take an early trade today based on Jason's report given that the market trended nicely down from the overnight Globex level of 87.95, which gave me confidence to go short. I held on to my positions for an average of a little under 2 hours - and I was done for the day and free to pursue other responsibilities of my day-time job! Another example below is my definition of over trading - I really did not need to trade beyond 8.19 am time frame today, although it worked out to a bit in my favor (although almost never usually), I elected in my wisdom to take a couple of trades, one right after the news event (Inventory numbers) a scalp trade, and one a bit later, again scalp based on trend. The Golden Rules I read through Jason Sen’s golden rules - and they are very helpful, I have to read them some more so I use them frequently. I have to say, I don't follow some of them as religiously as I always should - it is on those days that I tend to lose my shirt in the market - my problem has been over trading after a trading plan has been met - very bad indeed - I've ended up losing large sums and have only in the very recent few months have I gotten a hold of my emotions and attempted to be very cautious. I took an early trade in my retirement account today - although my heart told me to persist with the trade, I erred on caution and closed it early - the results are pasted below: Thank you for today’s report and intra-day tweets. I had another decent day, figured I'd send the results: Taking advantage of early report delivery on WTI Crude Jason from Daytradeideas, gives you a huge leg up on other report services, which in my opinion, do not even compare adequately to what he delivers in his daily reports. For instance in today’s report for WTI Crude, Jason said the following: Summary Date - 15 October 2014 WTI Crude in a brutal 4 month bear trend. Bears remain fully in control as we hit all targets down to 8040/35. We have bottomed exactly here as I write but outlook remains negative & we could continue lower to 7970/65. Any further losses see 7905/95 then 7830/20 before a retest of 2012 lows at 7756/28. Recognizing that markets tend to cover gaps from overnight price action in the Globex, I was fortunate enough to take an early trade on his report which predicted initial support at the 79.70 price range. See trades below – 3 lot order and one smooth execution all in less than an hour. M. Janardhan
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