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Using our technical analysis forecast to trade Gold (19th & 20th Feb)
13th February 2015
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Over $5,000 Profit in One Day Trading WTI
By Murali
Hey "D", I wrapped up my trading for today - so figured I'd email you related to your inquiry bout Entry/Exit signals in your tweet from last evening. I am just a novice at trading - although I've been trading successfully for several years now, I would not equate my experience in anyway to the years of experience in calling the markets like folks like Jason Sen. He has an art to it, and of all the report based services, his comes closest to being just perfect for the day trader as it conveys at least a couple of levels of support and resistance to you. I haven't seen this being anywhere close with other services. Having said that and with the idea of addressing your question - no - Jason does not provide entry/exit discrete numbers - but his calls are so damn near close. Take today for example - for WTI Crude - (for which trading today has not closed yet) - WTI Crude April same levels apply for today with first resistance at 4975/85. Above here re-targets resistance at 5055. We should struggle here again but if a break higher is seen look for a selling opportunity at 5095/5100 with stops above 5135. A break higher today targets 5150/60 then 5205. Unlikely any higher but look for a selling opportunity at 5255/5265. Try shorts with stops above 5295. An unexpected break higher however could target 5325, perhaps 5350. Holding below 4985/75 re-targets 4895/90 before strong support at 4865/45. Try longs with a bounce from here possible but use a stop below 4820. Be ready to go with a break lower to target 4760/50. Well I took a trade based on this today where his report also gave some credibility to the overall trend for the day and week being DOWN. I've curtailed my trading a bit extensively these days where earlier, I used to have many entries/exits in my attempt to get to my daily goals. With this curtailment it makes me dust out the most difficult virtue in trading which is patience. My results for today (sad to say - lost out on the patience game today) - are pasted below: There are some trading rooms that trade futures which call out entry and exits that I know of - however, I know there is one www.oiltradingroom.com - where they do not call out any trades - they merely state the rules for entry and exit and expect participants to follow. In my opinion, trading rooms require commitment for a trader to sit through an entire day looking for opportunities. I find Jason's report to be better - While I'm not attempting to sell for him - I find the report method a bit non-invasive - it helps you learn the art of order placement and effective money management. No other service truly comes close. I could send you some entries and exists - but it would do you no good as I am not a regular trader. I wish you luck in your trading endeavor - and wish you profitable trading! Thanks Murali
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